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hija/e/o/x(s) de su—

connecting 16 artists (+ a special guest artist) and their work to the nostalgia behind the phrase “hija/o de tu madre,” hija/e/o/x(s) de su— examines and reflects on childhood and the cultural expectations of living in a latinx household. the work explores joy, rebellion, tragedy, mischief, and the feeling of “IYKYK.” this exhibition also bridges together artists from both reno and las Vegas, on view in both cities thanks to collaborations with the holland project (reno) and nuwu art gallery + community center (vegas).

hija/e/o/x(s) de su— is group exhibition curated by cesar piedra and geovany uranda as part of the curator series at holland project and support from indigenousAF.

artists: anny ayala ortega, ruby barrientos, lauren cardenas, adriana chavez, häsler gómez, dan45 hernandez, robert ibarra, alexys keller, brian martinez, jahi, emmanuel muñoz, robert nuñez, cesar piedra, ricardo rubalcaba-parades, daisy sanchez, geovany uranda, and special guest artist, kristy moreno

on view:
july 13–august 25, 2023
holland project gallery
140 vesta street reno, nevada 89502

september 08–december 07, 2023
nuwu art gallery + community center
1331 south maryland parkway las vegas, nevada 89104