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ricardo rubalcaba-paredes [index]

b. reno, nv

ricardo rubalcaba-paredes, born and raised in reno, nv, to mexican immigrants and as a self-proclaimed joto, feels a moral obligation to work for the equity of marginalized communities. 

their artistic practice is a praxis of resistance against multiple oppressions where they engage in daily performances of joteria (queer chicanx) identity and culture to create work that challenges master narratives of power and control. rubalcaba-paredes intends to engage in a dialogue amongst marginalized communities about how to re-create (not integrate) art spaces for queer, bipoc, low-income, and disabled communities so they can participate in all aspects of the art world. 

gatekeepers of traditional institutions have created a cultural hierarchy that bars and rejects the participation of black, indigenous, people of color, queer, and other marginalized individuals from galleries and museums. rubalcaba-paredes aims to expand their career both regionally and nationally with an intent to work with non-profit art initiatives, coalitions, and galleries on a grassroots basis and make accessible what is conflated as "high culture" to marginalized communities through their artistic practice.