scrambled eggs

never a cat’s paw [exhibitions]

on view: june 02-june 16, 2023

a group exhibition by scrambled eggs and hasta siempre books. curated by alexys keller, isaac quezada, and pedro duran.

comprised solely of women, fem, and gender nonconforming artists, this powerhouse lineup showcases the expansive range of mediums and subject matter that is coming out of las vegas from these young and exciting creatives.

curator alexys keller on the exhibition: “my first experience of vegas was seeing all the flashing stars at three years old. now, i’m older and experiencing the nostalgia of it all. with this exhibition, we present to you these lights embodied as artists. never a cat’s paw is a two week exhibition displaying the group of talented individuals that isaac, pedro, and i have wanted to show for a long time.”

alexys keller
isaac quezada
pedro duran

abigail rivera ramirez
alexa tapia
alissa mayorga
anny ayala ortega
charlene elma
daisy sanchez
gabriella rodriguez
haide calle
laura orozco
malcriada media
mckenzie s. easter
sage venna
sam ganados
sol ortiz

opening reception:
june 02, 2023
the gather house (behind hasta siempre books)
1020 e. fremont st. las vegas, nevada 89101

gabriella rodriguez

anny ayala ortega