scrambled eggs

scrambled again: a scrambled eggs reunion [exhibitions]

on view: march 20-march 31, 2023

scrambled again follows the first six artists showcased by scrambled eggs nearly one year later and positions them and their work as evidence that las vegas is, without a doubt, home to energetic and powerful young artists. presenting all new work, the artists in this exhibition tackle both personal and community identity through painting, photography, and sculpture. scrambled again is a celebration and revelation of the many experiences we share by living in an beautiful, but scrambled city.

abigail rivera ramirez
alexys keller
brian martinez
daisy sanchez
isaac quezada
sarah robles

opening reception:
march 24, 2023
grant hall gallery, unlv
4505 s. maryland pkwy. las vegas, nevada 89154

alexys keller
anny ayala ortega