scrambled eggs

brian martinez: prelims [exhibitions]

on view: april 03-april 10, 2022

prior to the start of a new painting, artist brian martinez almost always explores his ideas and subjects through drawing. within this practice, there is a freedom to experiment and go down rabbit holes that allow martinez’s work to remain dynamic and exciting. prelims brings together over a decade of work, from the artist’s early days of tagging on scraps of paper in school to his eventual shift to more representational subjects and patterns. this look into martinez’s process presents a large selection of preliminary drawings that would eventually go on to become full-scale works, including paintings and murals. through technical drawings, thumbnails, color studies, and a recent interest in boxing as a subject for his work, brian martinez shows us the value of an unwavering dedication to one’s craft.

opening reception:
april 03, 2022
scrambled eggs pop-up gallery
1800 industrial rd. las vegas, nevada 89102