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mak + friends [exhibitions]
every morning and every night i’m thinking about changing my life... and especially so since i met you

on view: may 24-june 1, 2024

an art exhibition featuring collaborative work by artist, mak and their friends.

collaboration has been at the heart of mak’s work and continues to shape it with each new piece. with this exhibition, mak pushes the boundaries of what a group show is and presents their friends as integral and important souls of their work.

mak on their exhibtiion: “i want this show to be a big fat fart of love between all the people that have been there for me and have been family to me. it’s gonna be a big fat hoorah of all our accomplishments and the accomplishments of becoming friends and building community and changing the city.”

opening reception:
may 24, 2024
kaleidoscope studios (next to cornish pasty)
8 e. charleston blvd. las vegas, nevada 89104

Sina and Charlene Elma