scrambled eggs

lucky gut [exhibitions]

on view: october 06-october 13, 2023

a group exhibition by scrambled eggs and hasta siempre books. curated by alexys keller, isaac quezada, pedro duran, and sol ortiz.

riding off of the success from their first exhibition, never a cat’s paw, these energetic curators invite us to witness what can happen when we find ourselves in the right place at the right time. bringing together 19 artists from las vegas, los angeles, and new york city, the work in lucky gut asks what following your intuition, your gut feeling, can do for creativity and expression.

alexys keller
isaac quezada
pedro duran
sol ortiz

alexys keller
audrey quijano
blaze brooks
brian martinez
claire leticia
daisy sanchez
dawson jarina
deron fisher jr.
harrison b. nuzzo
isaac quezada
kaleb wesolek
lucio meza
marcus raudel
mariah gw
maria cavazos
miles winfree
sabrina solis
teee miller

opening reception:
october 06, 2023
the gather house (behind hasta siempre books)
1020 e. fremont st. las vegas, nevada 89101

reception flyer:
sol ortiz
panel flyer:
alexys keller

maria cavazos