scrambled eggs

alexys keller: going away [exhibitions]

on view: august 21-august 28, 2022

“it probably starts with childhood. i’ve
always wanted to be a cartoonist, but my head is a huge recycling bin for images i've seen and want to bring back for the viewer as a gift. there are a lot of ideas waiting to be repurposed and given new meaning,” writes artist alexys keller.

for the keller, the intentional contemplation of life, past, present, and future, is at the core of her art practice. her characters remind us of a time when we were still hugged by innocence. with the works in going away, keller takes us back to that innocence without shying away from the struggle of what it sometimes feels like to be alive. she asks us to think about ourselves in a warmer light. a light that emanates from ourselves and those directly around us.

opening reception:
august 21, 2022
scrambled eggs pop-up gallery
1800 industrial rd. las vegas, nevada 89102

alexys keller