scrambled eggs

emmanuel muñoz [index]

b. guadalajara, jalisco, MX

emmanuel muñoz’s work primarily consists of collecting and organizing information under carefully selected sets of laws and rules that reveal patterns and thought processes not at first apparent. his mediums range from drawing and found object sculptures, to zines and film photography. his work has been shown in spaces such as the marjorie barrick museum of art, the charleston heights arts center, and online in sites such as kindergarten mag and couch in the desert. in 2022, he founded scrambled eggs, a local artist-run gallery and collective based in las vegas. his interest in the arts and immediate communities directly influence his work under scrambled eggs. Since then, the mission of scrambled eggs has been to build artistic permanence in nevada through exhibitions, community events, and more by working with various people and organizations throughout the state. he currently lives in las vegas, but is often found traveling to various parts of the country on a tight budget and visiting museums and architectural points of interest. he has a dog named heidi.